Artivistic Multiplier Events in Each Country

In each country, the organisations have implemented Multiplier Events to promote the project outputs and the toolbox developed. The multiplier events provided space of the organisations to implement the workshops that they have developed, receive a feedback on the project and its activities while providing information about the Erasmus+ Programme and usage of art in youth work.

ARTivistic Workshop will target artists, young people and youth workers. The objectives of the each multiplier event workshop was :

  • To disseminate the Toolbox and making the people to experience selected methods according to the expertise and need of the target group
  • To increase the visibility usage of art as an expression on the issues in the participating county to create an awareness
  • To inform the other relevant stakeholders on the issues of EU during Covid-19 times and create a ground for discussion on resolution of the issues and usage of art duing this process
  • To provide the guideline and informing the outer audience of usage of the toolbox in a detailed way
  • To make the audience practice the implementation of the workshops within the toolbox

Each multiplier event was implement 20 or more people for two day periods and the target group of the multiplier events have been youth workers, young people and artists.

Artivistic Workshop in Turkey

The workshop was implemented in Istanbul, Turkey with the involvement of 36 people who are artists and youth workers and organisation representatives from the organisations in Turkey.

Artivistic Workshop in Iceland

The workshop was implemented in Reykjavik, Iceland with the involvement of 20 people who are artists and youth workers and organisation representatives from the organisations in Iceland.

Artivistic Workshop in Portugal

The workshop was implemented in Setubal,Portugal with the involvement of 24 people who are artists, young people and educators from the high schools which increased the outreach of the project and made links with the school education sector.

Artivistic Workshop in Spain

The workshop was implemented in Alcalá la Real, Spain with the involvement of 23 educators, young people and youth workers from different organisations.