Mid-Term Meeting / Setubal, Portugal / 24-27 February 2022

We have met in February 2022 to revisit the advancements of the project activities in each country and the process of the toolbox development while discussing about the schedule of the training activities. The aims of the meeting were :

  • To discuss the final content of the Toolbox
  • To provide and receive feedback about the developed tools
  • To frame the multiplier events
  • To finalize the program of the training activity
  • To finalize the selection of participants for the training activity
  • To gather necessary documents for the interim report for INJUVE
  • To discuss about the advancements and re-check the project activities and plan necessary adjustments

As a result of the meeting, we have revised the development of the toolbox and we have checked about the training for the staff. The partner organisations’ decided about who will involve in the activities and each partner involved on the process of the national activities and their structure. We have revisited the toolbox before finalising the toolbox.