Kick-Off Meeting Transnational Meeting / Ula,Turkey – 28.10 – 31.10.2021

We have met in October 2021 to discuss and kick-off the project activities. Even though, we have started to work in May 2021 about the project activities, due to Covid-19 restrictions we could not meet until October. The aims of the meeting were :

  • To create common understanding of thematic areas of the project
  • To divide the tasks regarding to ARTivistic Toolbox
  • To create a road map for the development of the ARTivistic Toolbox
  • To inform and discuss about the contractual duties in the project to INJUVE
  • To share about the contractual documents which are necessary for reporting 
  • To decide on the communication and dissemination strategy
  • To share about monitoring and evaluation of the project steps
  • To discuss and set up budget distribution and practicalities related to project activities

As a result of the meeting, we have developed the partnership agreement and we have discussed about the advancements of the Toolbox with the project partners. Each partner have agreed on the implementation process of the international and national activities and we have finalised the meeting.