About the Project

ARTivistic comes from a combination of Activistic and Art. Activistic defined as a person who disposed to take an action or effectuate change. Thus, our project effectuated a change by qualifying youth workers as artivists and change-makers to work with the young people to address the social issues that society faces today. To do so and to boost creativity, we have used the methodology of divergent thinking which promotes and uses the methodology of thinking basically out of the box as the creativity needs.

The project addressed the issues, by using art tools and divergent thinking methodology during its process. During the project cycle, we addressed four main topics ( social peace, poverty, unemployment and domestic violence ) become more visible during Covid-19 by using art and divergent thinking methodology.

The main aim of the project was increasing awareness by addressing the cross-cutting issues such as social peace, poverty, unemployment, domestic violence raised during the Covid- 19 through art and creativity. The project directly worked with young people and youth workers who are involved in art. The training activity increased the skills and knowledge of the youth workers working in the field of art and qualify them to work with young people in their own communities.

The specific objectives of the project:

  • To qualify youth workers with the tools of art and divergent thinking methodology and make them change-makers within their communities to create awareness
  • To create an awareness among young people about the issues of EU during the Covid-19
  • To mainstream the usage of art as a tool of expression among young people
  • To create a toolbox for youth workers to use divergent thinking methodology in the art to address the social issues

The project activities consisted of the following ( please look the above menu about the activities ) :

  1. Kick-Off in Turkey in October 2021 in Turkey
  2. Development of ARTivistic Toolbox – Methods and Open Space for Art
  3. Mid-Term Meeting in Portugal in February 2022
  4. ARTivistic Training for Youth Workers in Spain in April 2022
  5. Multiplier Events ( ARTivistic Workshops in Each Country ) between April 2022 – June 2022
  6. International ARTivistic Festival in Spain in July 2022
  7. Evaluation Meeting in Iceland in October 2022

The project activities was based on non-formal education methodology and divergent thinking methodology in its activities.We planned and implement the activities in collective manner with the task division between the partners concerning the strengths and weakness of the each partner organization.

The participants of the project activities was the young artists, art professionals and youth work practitioners working in the field of culture and arts.  As a result of the project, ARTivistic Toolbox – Methods and Open Space for Art will be designed and developed in 4 months. It developed with a collective development process by analysing the social issues ( Social Peace Poverty, Unemployment, Domestic Violence ) raised and become more visible during Covid-19 times and developing innovative art tools by using OutDoor Graffiti (Ireland) , Music /Video / Short-Movie (Portugal), Theatre and Plastic Arts (Spain), Plastic Arts & Painting (Turkey ) to increase awareness and mainstream the art among the young people.

Furthermore, as a result of the project 150 people was qualified with their involvement to the training, international festival and national workshops. They gained skills and knowledge on the implementation of the artistic tools to address the social issues and they will gain experience on this regard. The capacities of the organizations involved in the project increased and they involved in another projects in international contexts and widened their perspectives.

The project contributed to usage of art as a form of expression and as a tool for solution and mainstream the artistic approaches in the field of youth in long run. We expect that the project create a national and international wide impact on the usage of art tools and implementation of artistic activities with the young people and create an awareness on the social issues that EU faces during the Covid-19 times. Lastly, the International Art Festival that we did in Alcala la Real will create an impact on the local population in a significant manner as Alcala la Real has never hosted an international level in this scale and it created an impact on the local population about the other cultures, art and Erasmus+ programme.