Artivistic Toolbox

ARTivistic Toolbox – Methods and Open Space for Art was designed and developed in 6 months. It was implemented with a collective development process by analyzing the social issues ( Social Peace, Poverty, Unemployment, Domestic Violence ) raised and become more visible during Covid-19 times and developing innovative art tools by using different types of art methodologies to increase awareness and mainstream the art among the young people.

It consists series of methodologies by using the divergent thinking method to make the artists and young people become aware about the social issues as well as to make them able to think “out-side of the box”.

The Toolbox consists theoretical information about following :

  • Divergent Thinking in Art
  • Art as a tool for expression and for social change
  • Using the art to work with young people
  • Using the art to increase awareness
  • Compilation of Best Practices concerning the usage of Art from worldwide

It include as well as practical aspects regarding following :

  • Methodology of the Training Program ( to be implemented under C1 )
  • Evaluation of the Training Program and the testimonials from the participants

That toolbox developed as a PDF Format and can be downloaded from here.

Moreover, the Toolbox ( ) includes the following :

  • Step by Step Guideline for implementing a Workshop
  • Online Learning Program for Youth Workers ( Videos, Practical Examples for Youth Workers and Artists )

If you have feedbacks concerning to the content or the structure of the toolbox, please let us know by sending an email We would like to hear your opinions concerning to the content and the implementation methodology of the training activities.