Asociación Socio-Cultural VerdeSur Alcalá

Asociación Socio-Cultural VerdeSur Alcalá is by group of professionals working in the field of youth who would like to create a social change in town of Alcala while focusing on the young people and involving the young people, teachers and educator to the mobility activities as well as the local socio-cultural activities through its partnerships and its offers.

The association is supported by the local municipality and it is based on the youth building of Alcala la Real where has a very diverse enviroenment with a great historical trayectory where it can bring too many opportunites for events and social activities for young people and local population.

Since November 2019, we have been promoting mobility opportunities as well as to increase the participation of local community to the mobility programs through adult education and educational opportunities for youth.

In addition to activities mentioned below, we have been implementing activities for the teachers for quality education purposes in the field of school and adult education since the start of 2021 as a new branch that we decided to widen our scope and use the experience that we have gathered in the youth field and become more and more inclusive and involve more professionals to in our body to promote quality activities for different sectors. Thus, you can find the list of our projects below which are currently running and implemented.

ÁLFUR, áhugafélag um listir og fræðslu ungmenna í Reykjavík        

ÁLFUR, or the English name ELF (Educational Learning for Fun), is a young and enthusiastic youth NGO based in Reykjavik. The organizations goal is to aid youth in partaking in arts, culture, social & educational activities. Among the activities that ÁLFUR plans are concerts, art exhibitions, poetry nights, dance shows and many more. With a focus on involving the local youth in the planning and execution of all activities it builds bridges and new friendships between young people and opportunities that Icelandic youth rarely see. In Iceland there are few if any local community centers that youth can use to create art projects and/or socialize with likeminded young people. As the people behind this NGO are also a part of the Icelandic youth they see the need for an NGO that spreads cultural awareness through the eyes and hands of youngsters.

The association Álfur, or an interest association for art and education of young people in Reykjav k, is a non-profit organization founded in the autumn of 2017 by several young individuals for the purpose of being an interest group for young artists. Álfur has been specially created for young people who do not fit perfectly into the education system or the business world.  ÁÁlfur is a platform to help both young artists achieve their goals, because it is a great struggle to be a young artist in Iceland, and  Álfuri is also a peer-to-peer battery for people who do not fit into the education system. Lastly, Álfur is a forum to meet and talk together for the young people.

The idea is that Álfur is there to help young people get something done. If people have ideas they want to do, if they have events they want to hold, art nights for example, then we can help them. We can not promise to do everything but  lfur provides an opportunity for young people to self-realise themselves regarding to art.


Experimentaculo is a youth organisation established in Setubal, Portugal in 2006. The organisation implements various programmes aimed at empowering young people and supporting their activism in the local community of Setubal. The main areas of work are youth mobility, youth entrepreneurship, art and culture. Experiment culo organises diverse activities based primarily on non-formal education methods and active participation of young people. An important part of the work of the organisation is organising international youth exchanges and trainings, as well as sending and hosting volunteers within European Voluntary Service (EVS) and European Solidarity Corps.

The organization has a lot of experience in the fields of youth, non formal education and research locally and at a European level. As a partner in this specific project, Experimentaculo will actively participate in all project activities, including planning, implementation, dissemination of project results among local communities and international professional networks, public meetings with international partners, etc. We will play an active role in the recruitment of volunteers, provide their pre-departure training, arrange their insurance and full support before, during and after the project, also ensuring that all reporting in completed.

We have implemented several youth exchanges and training courses related to art field specifically theatre and short-movies. With three experienced project managers on the team, a supportive administrative team, Experimentaculo is able to cope with the high level of multilateral project management required for a project of this depth.

Dam Kolektif 

Dam Collective is created by a group of people who would like to create a social change in Muğla / Turkey while focusing on the young people and willing to increase their involvement in the artistic activities. We have been a group of young artists who are implementing several activities in the field of art throughout experiences. We have created a new art centre right before the Covid-19 though we couldn’t become an association due to the challenges derived from Covid-19 and we have been continuing to implement our activities as we do previously as a group of enthusiastic young artists. We are promoting as well as the opportunities for the rural youth in our region and we want to become an internationally recognized association in long run and we see this project as a step up.

Our main objective is making Akyaka as an art hub for the young artists and increases the visibility of Erasmus+ programme focusing on the young people as the young people in our region mainly consists of university drop-outs who are not involved in higher education due to current situation. The group members knew each other for more than 5 years and we have been doing activities individuals concerning the art activities. We have a target group of 300 young people in our town though we are able to reach nearby towns and involve young artists from those towns as well.