Trainings and Workshops

ARTivistic Toolbox Training

The toolbox which we developed, created the basis of the training activity. The trainers was the member of the intellectual output team who took role on the development of the toolbox during the project activity. They used the methods directly developed from the scratch during the implementation of the trainings. Those methods fostered a high participation rate involving the participants actively in determining their learning progress by creating learning moments that feature a high emotional and cognitive involvement.

The training was implemented in 11-17 April 2022 in Alcala la Real,Spain.
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The training activity content, evaluation form and explanation of the activities can be found in here : 

International Artivistic Festival

The International Art Festival was implemented to reach out the wider audience not only in participating countries but the worldwide audience by involving the other organizations who would like to implement workshops within the festival. The event was held in Alcala la Real as a small town to maximize its impact on the local community as well as increasing the visibility of the project in national and international area.

With the International Art Festival, we aimed to make the people discuss about the social issues while using the art and developing new products by the tools and methods that we have created within the project. With the Festival we  both promote and make the people experience the tools and methods that we have developed and proved and receive feedbacks. regarding those tools.

We  implemented the festival in July 2022 with the involvement of 15 international and 35 Spanish participant.  With that way, the impact of the project will increase and we will as well include the local government to the process and make the policy makers aware about the issues that the people suffers and usage of art to expess those issues.

Objectives of the Multiplying event was like following :

  • To promote the toolbox to outer audience
  • To create a room for artists to share their knowledge and experiences with each other with the series of workshops for 3 days
  • To disseminate, present and increase the usage of the toolbox
  • To create awareness on artists, young people, teachers and decision makers on social issues and usage of art in this process
  • To receive feedback and enhance the efficiency of the toolbox

National Workshops

ARTivistic Workshop targeted artists, young people and youth workers. The objectives of the workshop was :

  • To disseminate the Toolbox and making the people to experience selected methods according to the expertise and need of the target group
  • To increase the visibility usage of art as an expression on the issues in the participating county to create an awareness
  • To inform the other relevant stakeholders on the issues of EU during Covid-19 times and create a ground for discussion on resolution of the issues and usage of art duing this process
  • To provide the guideline and informing the outer audience of usage of the toolbox in a detailed way
  • To make the audience practice the implementation of the workshops within the toolbox