ARTivistic Toolbox – Methods and Open Space for Art

ARTivistic Toolbox – Methods and Open Space for Art will be designed and developed in 6 months. It will be a collective development process by analyzing the social issues ( Social Peace, Poverty, Unemployment, Domestic Violence ) raised and become more visible during Covid-19 times and developing innovative art tools by using different types of art methodologies to increase awareness and mainstream the art among the young people.

Trainings and Workshops

The project is consisted of training course for the organisations implementing art and cultural activities in participating countries along with national workshops and a festival in Spain. The target group of these events are the young people and the young artists who would like to promote the solidarity in EU and neighbouring countries by incorporating the art activities in their structure.


The project is being implemented with the partners from Spain, Turkey, Portugal and Iceland.
– Asociación Socio-Cultural VerdeSur Alcalá ( Spain )
– ÁLFUR, áhugafélag um listir og fræðslu ungmenna í Reykjavík ( Iceland )
– Dam Kolektif ( Turkey )